Testing a Two-Step Marketing Response Tool

I was honestly not too sure where to start when building a landing page or what to offer someone who was willing to provide their information to my company. Then it struck me…I should offer a valuable teaching tool for buyers looking to purchase a used vehicle. Since my business will be in the used car market, I wanted to offer something I could stand behind. I want my customers to see that I “practice what I preach” and only keep quality used cars on my lot. I will provide links at the end of this short summary so that you may all see my landing page and what I offered those who were interested. Make sure to view it quickly, as my landing page is on a free trial and will expire on August 20, 2016. My landing page required 3 fields: first name, last name, and email address. In return, the guest received a private link to a YouTube video I created giving 5 tips on what to look for when examining a used car before purchase.

The feedback I received was minimal and diverse. The consensus was that my landing page was attractive and that the content I provided was very useful. Outside of those two, the reviews were mixed. Some of the people who viewed my landing page thought that the wording could have been more clear as to what I was offering. They thought I was going to give negotiation tips or advice on where to find a used car, either online or in their local communities. Others thought that the offer was exactly what they thought it was going to be. In the future, I will be more specific as to what kind of tips I will be offering to those who are interested. I don’t want future clients to be turned off by not getting the information they thought they were going to get. The content was mixed as well. I had suggestions to turn it into a blog or an e-book, I had suggestions to improve the quality, and I had creative suggestions like making a video with me as the host and having real cars around to show. One person even went as far as to say that they thought practicing a script would be more beneficial in creating the sense of expertise…which I can appreciate. Most of my suggestions on how to improve the quality of my video will require better technology, which I do not currently have. When I actually open VehiConomy, I will most likely hire someone or purchase better equipment to produce a video on site…as it seems like quality is very important in creating trustworthiness and value. I would prefer not to write an e-book, but maybe offering a link to an e-book in the video will help those who want a print source for their reading pleasure.

In all, I learned that I did provide good content that people thought could be useful when looking at used cars on a lot and that I need to improve the quality of the resource that I’m offering on my landing page. I also learned that I need to be very specific in what it is that I’m offering, without giving away the content and creating the desire to want to learn more.

Landing Page:


Content Offered on Landing Page:



  1. Alex,
    I think your marketing tool is great. It’s very detailed and provide valuable information. Your Screencast could be helpful to people who are in need of a used vehicle but know nothing about cars, like me).


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