It’s Sort of Like a Puzzle…

Making sure you’re hiring the right candidates at the right time is sort of like putting a puzzle together. There is a time and a place to work on a puzzle…while at the same time…you need to know where those pieces will go.

To go back to the time and place, you don’t want to work on a puzzle during the middle of a religious sermon, while you’re interviewing for a job, or outside during a hurricane. This principle applies to hiring great employees. You don’t want to bring someone in too early, or too late. As your company grows, your staffing needs will grow…but you don’t want to hire department managers before you even have departments!

It is also good to know how to compensate these new employees to gain, and keep, their interest. Knowing how much to compensate each employee, based on their role and responsibilities, is the tricky part. This is where the puzzle piece analogy comes in. Fitting each puzzle piece in just right means you will get a cool picture at the end. You can put Mod Podge on the outside, put a frame around it and hang it on the wall. If you don’t put the pieces together correctly, nobody will be able to figure out what’s going on inside that picture frame.

Keeping the good employees means you have to do the right thing for them during the right period of development your business is going through. Prove to your employees that you have a plan for the future of your company, show them that they are important to you, and show them that you are someone they should want to work for. Doing these things can help you keep the great talent that you spent all that time recruiting!


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