Big Time!

So you’re a cool business. You’re growing at a rapid rate and it doesn’t look like you’re going to stop anytime soon. But uh oh! There’s a hole in the boat and you need to find a plug to plug it up. Phew! That was close…

NOOOoooo! There’s another one! Quick, grab the plug, plug the hole…okay, only a little water in the boat. Another one!

…and so it continues.

This is what growing your business is like. Eventually, you’ll have so many holes plugged, you’ll have to find a way to plug the plugs! But being able to adapt and react quickly and efficiently is key.

As you grow your business keep an eye out for the things that help your business grow the most. Focus on teaching others these things and keep the growing going! Don’t let things slow you down. Stay focused on the task at hand and the goals that are just in sight. Much like the boat scenario, if you were to give up and lose focus, you’d sink. If you are doing something that is easier and faster, keep using that process so more water doesn’t flow inside the boat.

One of the ideas I find most valuable is what a article called professionalizing your processes. I’m a big fan of Six Sigman. I believe in what it is meant to accomplish. Professionalizing your processes is finding better ways to do the things you are already good at doing. Markets change, people change, society changes…and so should your business processes. We all need to focus on continuous adaptation, no matter what needs adapting.


  1. This was a short, but awesome read! I agree that it is important for a business to continually evolve to stay relevant. I consistently tell several people that I work with to “evolve or die”(in a joking way of course). Evolution is great, but it is important that the direction that the company is heading in be clear, so that the evolution can be for the best of the company. Change is good. Change for change’s sake is pointless.



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