What’s In A Dream?

Imagine yourself in a position where you are in control and your passions are what are working for you. Where are you? What are you doing? Think about this and then put that idea/dream to work! When you step out of your comfort zone, chase your passions with 100% intensity, and you don’t let fear keep you down…you can achieve your goals. Steve Tobak, a contributor for Entrepreneur.com, says that fear is one of the main reasons that great entrepreneurs do not follow their dreams.

Being able to see things that other people don’t see is the key to realizing dreams. What do you do, day in and day out, that could be improved if something were different? Or if a new product existed that made that task easier? These are things that you think about all the time, but may not realize that you’ve stumbled on to something great. Not only do you need to be able to have the vision, but you also need to have the savvy to know when you’ve just thought of a great idea. When you realize that you’ve stumbled on something great, and you believe you can change peoples’ lives with this product or service, chase that dream with the utmost intensity.

In order to dream big, you need to have that a passion for what it is you want to change or create. It does no good to have big dreams if you don’t care anything about your idea. This can lead to procrastination, or worse, burnout and a sense of failure – keeping you from pursuing entrepreneurial goals in the future. I listen to podcasts often and recently listened to Guy Raz interview Jim Koch on NPR’s, How I Built This. Check this podcast out if you haven’t already! Jim Koch had a fancy, high paying job and gave it all up to make beer. He loved beer and realized, at the time, that American beer was a joke and all the good beers were imported from overseas. So Jim Koch decided that, since his family had a legacy of brewers, he would follow in their footsteps and make a great tasting American beer. This was the birth of Sam Adams Boston Lager.

I briefly tell this story of Jim Koch and Sam Adams Boston Lager to illustrate a point about dreams. When you dream big, you can do fantastic things! His dream was to have the best American Lager, however, he still thinks he hasn’t reached that goal yet. I would beg to differ, as Sam Adams Boston Lager is my favorite beer, but his self-doubt continues to propel him to new heights.

Without having dreams that are larger than life, you limit your potential. If you rated your dream on a scale of 1 to 10 and your dream is an 8…you’ll never reach a goal higher than “level 8.” If you refuse to acknowledge that 10 is the limit, then your ability to reach a goal higher than “level 10” will become more of a reality. Don’t limit your potential with complacency. Dream big, take risks, and achieve great things only YOU thought were possible.

Tobak, Steve. Why People Don’t Follow Their Dreams. Entrepreneur.com. 20 May, 2014. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/233928.


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