A little bit of optimism can go a long way, but tenacity can take you around the world. Twice. Being able to stand up to adversity, even thrive on it, is how you can go from dreams of working for yourself to actually doing it. Are you going to be the person who sticks it out and succeeds? Or will you give up after facing failure the first time?

According to an article for Forbes magazine, written by Neil Patel, 9 out of 10 startups will fail. I would imagine this is because 9 of those 10 startups are beginning with new entrepreneurs. Who can just doing something and immediately be the best at it. Nobody. It takes many hours of practice to be great at anything, so you can’t let your first failure determine your future. Patel goes on to say that 42% of entrepreneurs, with failed startups, contribute their failure to a lack of need in the market. Could it be that these entrepreneurs just didn’t convince the market that they needed their product or service? This is where tenacity comes in to play.

Just because you fail the first time doesn’t mean the market doesn’t want what you are selling. In an interview with Mark Cuban, Guy Raz of NPR, asked him if people liked his idea to start streaming live audio on the internet. His response was an emphatic no. He said that people thought he was crazy! At that time, nobody in the market wanted his product, but that was because they didn’t know it yet. When he executed his idea, people started responding and he built the company on the responses that people were giving him about his service. He eventually sold the company for billions. This idea that the market didn’t know they wanted, and that market experts said the market would not accept, turned him into a billionaire.

I was listening to a podcast by Lewis Howes, The School of Greatness. He studied meditation for two weeks in India. One of the things he came back with, and shared with his podcast audience, is that meditation teaches you that the world will become the way you perceive it. If you always view the world in a negative light, your real world experiences will be negative. If you always view the world in a positive light, then your real world experiences will always be positive. You perceive your world through interpretation…so make sure you are making it worth it!

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