Should Entrepreneurs be Responsible for their Communities?

I believe the answer to that question is yes! In most cases, your communities are providing you with business. Your communities give you your success…so you should help your communities in return. There are many different ways that you can go about getting involved with your community and it doesn’t have to involve spending money. Time is the most valuable commodity, in my opinion, so giving your time to the community that is giving you their money is a great way to say “thank you.”

One way to really help out in a community is to give back. Donate food, supplies, money, or whatever you can to whatever cause you are passionate about. If the cause doesn’t exist, create it! Take something that’s near your heart and turn it into someone else’s blessing. You could also provide a service to your community that isn’t offered otherwise. This could be as simple as filing taxes for those who can’t afford it, or provide DIY training for folks who won’t use your service because they can’t afford it. Even if these folks aren’t paying for your product or service, they are certainly telling their friends and family, that can afford your product or service, about how you were willing to help them out when nobody else would.

It has always been a dream of mine to be in a financial situation where I could create a life changing event in someone’s life, just with my financial means and connections. Helping someone achieve their dreams or providing a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone (that could change their lives forever) has a value that far exceeds any amount of money I could ever have. Fox 5 in Las Vegas does just that, but with a very limited budget. They have a segment called the Fox 5 Surprise Squad and they accept letters from people in their community who nominate a deserving person in need. The amount of support they provide has had a profound effect on the lives of those in their community. For example, one segment showed the Surprise Squad paying for a full tank of gas for random people at a gas station. One man they gave a tank of gas to broke down and started crying because he was trying to get to his son. This man had never met his son after giving him up at a young age for personal reasons. They brought him back to the studio and surprised him by bringing his son to Las Vegas from San Diego. This was the first time the man had seen his son, since giving him up at birth. Now he has the connection with his son that he never had before, and that’s a life changing event. I’m sure Fox 5 has higher ratings because of this segment, but for them, it’s about giving back.

Since entrepreneurs aren’t always capable of providing life changing experiences, they can at least help to make their communities better and help pay it forward to future entrepreneurs wanting to learn.


“FOX5 Surprise Squad: Road to Reunion.” YouTube, uploaded by FOX5 Las Vegas, 9 December 2016,



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