Week 3: Your Irrational Customers: A Look at how Our Brains Work (and Don’t Work)

In this chapter, Cusik talks about how our brains make decisions. He wrote that when Homer Simpson eats a donut, it is not actually his conscious mind that makes him want the donut, but his subconscious mind. This is the reasoning, he suggests, as to why dieters rationalize easting “bad” foods while still dieting. Customers are geared the same way! Since they are human too, they are subjected to subconscious decision making, which is why irrational decisions can be made without explanation, until after the fact.

Irrational decision, Cusik suggests, are evolutionary. We are pre-programmed to react to danger. Much like ducking when something flies over our head, or dodging something coming at us; these skills are programmed in our brains to help us survive. This point is brought up to argue the fact that our irrational subconscious can make great decisions! It’s not necessarily a bad thing to make an irrational, subconscious decisions.

We really need to realize that people think like this! After all, they are humans as well. From a business standpoint, in order to cater to your customers’ irrational needs, we need to understand this fact about how they make decisions.

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