Week 4: Brand Promises: Who or What Are You, Metaphorically Speaking?

In thins Chapter, Cusik writes that we think in images. When a thought pops into your mind, it is not a paper with words on it, It’s an image! So why would we not use metaphors? Metaphors are a way of saying something using a kind of implied imagery. Imagine how personally you could connect with customers through the use of metaphors!

If your business truly focuses on the customers it caters to, then there should be a brand promise. Figure out what that one, main, thing is that you want to offer your customers. Then it’s time to build your business around that promise.

Personify your company. Going back to the metaphors: imagine your company is a person. What would that person look like? How would that person act? These are the very same things that customers will be thinking about your business, so make sure you are sending the image you want to be sending!

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