Week 7: Irrational Ain’t Stupid: The Emotional Component of High-End Purchases

“How will I feel if I do that?”, this is the question that Cusik argues is the criterion we all use when making decisions. This ties in to the subconscious helping to make a decision. He uses the example of a family man debating between a sports car and a minivan. The rational thing to do is buy the minivan, but not every family man does. The reason is because they think about how they’ll feel after making the purchase; and some men will be able to ignore that their family needs the minivan to satisfy his selfish wants.

As business owners, we can help to create a streamlined decision making process (catered to the conscious and the subconscious) if we create a straight forward, no frills, approach to consumer information. This will also help to build trust, and in doing so, make the customer subconscious decide on your product before their rational minds can choose otherwise. Think about being hungry, getting in your car to go get food, but have no idea where you are going! You always end up driving to a place you know and like. This is because you have that trust in that company, that they will provide you with a great meal! Use this technique in your business and you will be that go-to company everyone wants to do business with!

One Comment

  1. Hi Alex,

    Great observation. We really do have different emotions and needs that go through our minds when making decisions. I wonder how many times these dilemmas arise in smaller situations in life that we just don’t notice. When you think about it, almost everything we do is a tradeoff. Because we do A, B is no longer possible.



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