Week 8: Getting Started: Three Action Steps You Need to Take First

This chapter talks about steps you can take in order to help understand what your customers are thinking. The first, of the three, is to create a “customer experience scorecard.” You will have to come up with your own ideas of what you should measure, but if you don’t know…just make something up that seems like it would be right. Measure those metrics and see just how much customer experience matters to your bottom line (financially).

The next step is conducting a “customer experience audit.” This is simply going through the process of using your own product, or service, as a customer would. All it requires is “walking a mile in the customers’ shoes” and you can learn a lot about what customers would want from your company. You will then have the information necessary to make changes for the better!

The last step is to start small. You don’t want to try to solve all the customer issues at once…that can be a daunting task! Try to solve one at a time until all of the issues have been resolved. Trying to do too much at once can create burnout on the issue. Having a team burn-out on trying to resolve a customer related issue is counterintuitive to business profit and productivity.

One Comment

  1. pawiseman1
    I like your post and yes, I think the customer experience is very important if you want to stay in business.
    What the customer wants or feels is so important. Do they like the product? Did they feel respected during the buying process? Here is a good one. did the company make it easy to help the buyer spend their money on a product that exited them.
    So many times I see a product and want to buy it but it is so hard and so many loop hole to jump through before I can I just loose interest.
    Thanks for a blog that hits home.


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