Top 5 Radio Advertisements: Part 1

In my opinion, I am ranking the top 5 Radio Advertisements that I have heard. Part 1 will include #5 and #4.


  1. Little Caesars

Coming in at #5 is a radio advertisement for Little Caesars. The ad is promoting a deep-dish pizza that sells for $8.00 and is ready for sale as soon as you enter the store. What has always had me interested in Little Caesars is the “Pizza! Pizza!” slogan at the end of the advertisement. It’s simple, and kind of lame, but it works because every time I think about going out to get some pizza…I can’t help but to think “Pizza! Pizza!” in the back of my head! Little Caesars is forever ingrained into my memory…

This advertisement focuses on pizza eaters who are in a hurry. There is a call to action, to come and buy a fresh pizza that is already made, and some information, to let you know they sell $5 regular 1-topping pizzas and $8 1-topping deep dish pizzas…which you may not have already known. There is a time limit on the deep-dish pizza, from 4-8 pm…when most dinners are bought and eaten.

There is an element of humor to the ad too, as the voice actor advertises his services as he’s doing the pizza ad. I think this helps people remember the advertisement because it seems so odd for a voice actor to promote themselves during an advertisement they were hired to do about pizza.

Check out the ad on YouTube here:–g.


  1. McDonald’s

At #4 comes McDonald’s. This ad is promoting happy meals to parents by spelling everything out. They don’t want to say the actual words, just in case the kids start to go nuts after hearing the words “happy”, “meal”, and “toy.” At the end, they place the McDonald’s theme song “Ba Da Ba Ba Baaa, I’m Lovin’ It” which is what sticks out to me. There are even times in life, when you really like something, that you will think to yourself, “Ba Da Ba Ba Baaa”, when you really enjoy something. That song, literally, means McDonald’s, which is why I chose this ad for #4. When a restaurant jingle becomes a household tune, you’ve gone and done something right!

The advertisement is meant to reach out to parents with children, who are in their cars and with their children, to convince them to just pick up some McDonald’s and have dinner over with by the time they get home. The sole purpose of this ad was to sell more Happy Meals! I think this ad would work because busy parents may not have the time to go home and cook a meal…. especially with all the practices and lessons they have to shuttle their kids to. When do the parents have any time for themselves?!? Buying a Happy Meal is a small cost to save a lot of time.

Here is a link to the ad:

One Comment

  1. For the Little Caesar’s advertisement, I enjoy that they made it really playful. It serves the purpose it was meant for, which is advertising the new deep, deep dish pizza, but then throwing in the name of Alan Varner as a sort of joke. I agree that, by doing so, it has made that particular Little Caesar’s advertisement that much more memorable to the listener. It definitely made me chuckle.

    The McDonald’s advertisement is clever in the respects that it utilizes what anyone with pets and/or kids uses on practically a daily basis. By spelling out certain words, they won’t understand what we’re talking about, right? When talking about taking the dog for a walk, rather than saying walk, you spell it out like w-a-l-k in the hopes that your dog has not become that much smarter and can now understand spelling. The same goes for small children. So spelling out the words Happy Meal over the radio during an advertisement, as long as the children are still under the spelling age, the advertisement will only land on the “deaf” ears of the small children.


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