Top 5 Television Advertisements: Part 1

I am ranking the top 5 television advertisements (in my opinion) in this two part blog post. This post will cover #4 and #5.

  1. GMC “Precision” Advertisement

GMC has been running this “superior grade” / “precision” campaign for several years now. In these television spots, they use a song by The Who called “Eminence Front.” The item these ads are pushing are luxury Sport Utility Vehicles and Trucks made by GMC, but what caught my attention was the song by The Who. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Rock and Roll, so I knew this song when I heard it. It struck me as an odd song to use, yet, it was the perfect song to use. The actual music of the song sounds like it belongs with something “classy” or “elegant”…so it fits in with the dim-lit background and the clean lines on the vehicle driving around the city at night. The funny part is this: the song is about the hedonistic lifestyle of the rich and famous. For GMC to actively choose this song, they had to do one fundamental thing…cut out the lyrics. You’ll only ever heard the music from “Eminence Front”, but never the lyrics.

The purpose of this campaign was to show Americans that GMC can craft beautiful luxury cars, just like overseas manufacturers. GMC wants buyers to shop domestic when choosing their next vehicle. They do this by making the implication that they are the only manufacturer that can deliver on the luxury quality that people expect when buying a “high-line” vehicle. The target market is for those who are wealthier than others, or want to buy luxurious things. This is a narrow market (luxury SUVs and trucks), but GMC, I think, was trying to capture that entire market with this ad campaign. This ad didn’t really ask the viewer to take action…it was more of a “We’re the best and we’re bragging about it” statement.

Check out the ad:


  1. Toys “R” Us Kids

This is a commercial from the 1980s, for Toys “R” Us, where a bunch of kids sing a song about not wanting to grow up and just play with toys all the time! What makes this television advertisement so special is that the song became an instant classic. I can’t remember a time where I’ve heard the words “Toys R Us”, or seen one of the stores, and not thought about that song! As you can tell, my taste in great advertising is about the jingles created that stick with you for a long time…and this song has never left me. I don’t remember when I first heard the song, but I’m 33 years old now, and when I have children of my own I’ll pass that song down to them.

The song lists the items that they have in the store, they talk about how big the selection is and how good the prices are. The song caters to children because when the children start asking to go buy a new toy…they’ll ask to go to Toys “R” Us. The reason that a parent would take their child to Toys “R” Us for toys is because they have the largest selection and best prices (according to the jingle)…so parents will not have to worry about their kids getting upset for not being able to find what they want. Happy children means no crying (and no headaches for the parents)!

Check out the ad:

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