Top 5 Television Advertisements: Part 2

I am ranking the top 5 television advertisements (in my opinion) in this two part blog post. This post will cover #3, #2, and #1.

  1. Gary the Badger – Johnson Automotive Groups

This advertisement is of Gary the Badger staring out of the windows at a car dealership on a rainy day. He keeps mumbling to himself about getting him “one” today, then a car pulls up. As the customers are running in the door, he begins to laugh and says, “Another fish on the hook.” This advertisement uses humor to appeal to car shoppers who have had negative shopping experiences in the past. Gary the Badger is always that cliché used car salesman who doesn’t care about anything about making money. Since many car buyers have had an experience like this, Johnson Automotive Group (based out of RDU) played on this stereotype to tell customers that this will not be the experience you have if you were to come to one of the Johnson dealerships.

Since the ad was about not being “badgered” by salesmen, it would be easy for the employees of Johnson Automotive Group to be nice and take care of their customers…so I’d say this ad would be very attainable, but only if the sales-folks from Johnson Automotive Group buy into the message of the ads. Also, since the ads focus on those who have had bad car buying experiences in the past…they also ask people (at the end of the ad) to come buy a car from one of their dealerships and they will have a great car buying experience! If everyone were to have bad experiences buying cars, Johnson Automotive Group could really cash in on their offer of great service and trust.

Check out the ad:


  1. Kit Kat – “Give Me a Break”

In this television advertisement, people from all different backgrounds are singing the “Give me a Break” Kit Kat song that we all know and love. I chose this ad because it is another one of those iconic jingles that pops up in your mind every time you see the product. You can’t even use the expression “give me a break” without someone turning it into the Kit Kat song. That is why this one came in at my number 2 spot. The objective of this campaign would be to sell more Kit Kat bars because people from all different generations and backgrounds love to eat Kit Kat bars…according to the TV ad. There was no special pricing or limited time offers, just an ad to tell people that they should be eating Kit Kat bars when they are choosing a candy snack.

This ad is great because it transcends generations and caters to all people and backgrounds. They make a Kit Kat jingle advertisement every few years so that nobody forgets the song. They are trying to reach all audiences (even those who may not eat a lot of candy), but I’m sure they are gearing it specifically to those who like to eat sweet candy snacks. In the advertisement, everyone looks like they are having fun and really enjoying life…that’s why they also need to be enjoying a Kit Kat bar. They also hold up Kit Kat bars every time they sing the words “Kit Kat bar.”

Check out the ad:


  1. Whassuup! (Budweiser)

In this ad, there are several men hanging out, watching football, and talking on the phone. Each time someone new is introduced to the commercial, they scream “whassuup!” What makes this commercial so iconic was how funny it was! I remember this commercial as the turning point for the rest of the commercials to turn to comedy for advertisement…although, that may be just my thinking on the subject. Everyone knew Budweiser already, but this commercial really put Budweiser on the map for advertising. I’m sure they saw a spike in sales, so they continued on the comedy path for a while (until partying and social gatherings made more sense for the brand). The objective of this campaign was to promote Budweiser as a relevant beer that wasn’t just meant for overweight, older white men. They used young black adults in this commercial, which helped reach out to that demographic at the time. They were also targeting sports fans by implying that Budweiser was the beer to drink if you were going to be watching sports on TV.


Budweiser wanted more people to buy their beer, so reaching out to a different demographic and making the brand relevant to them was extremely important. If you ended up buying Budweiser beer after viewing this commercial, chances are you went around and screamed “whassuup” at everyone who was around. This really helped transform the Budweiser brand into what it is today.


Check out the original here:


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