#5) Coming in at spot 5 is a Citizen Eco-Drive magazine advertisement. It features Eli Manning and the Calibre watch. Eli Manning is across the top of the ad, holding a football with a determined look on his face…like he has to throw a game winning touchdown in the final moments of a playoff game. Below is an image of the watch against an elegant background. To the right of the image of the watch is a column of text. The text reads, “Unstoppable…Eli Manning is…So is his Citizen Eco-Drive…It’s unstoppable…just like the people who wear it.” It also lets the viewer know that the watch is solar powered, so it never needs a battery to work. At the bottom of the text column is the Citizen Eco-Drive logo and the website just below that. I believe the company is trying to use inspiration to reach the viewer. Citizen Eco-Drive watches are not cheap, so people who can afford to buy them may be successful…meaning inspiration and determination may be characteristics they place a high value in.

The objective of the campaign is to convince buyers to purchase a Citizen Eco-Drive over its competitors. This objective can be measured by calculating sales before the ad was placed, and during the course of the advertisement. There was no rush for the viewer to buy, but they did use the solar technology and celebrity endorsement to help them sell the watch. The target market for this advertisement is people who buy more expensive watches. They may have placed this ad in a news magazine, an exotic car magazine, or a sports magazine. The ad wants the viewer to buy a Citizen Eco-Drive instead of one of the competing watches like Movado or Bulova. The viewer will benefit from purchasing a Citizen Eco-Drive because it is the only solar powered watch…which means they’ll never have to replace a battery. The main selling points are the celebrity endorsement and the solar technology.


#4) In at spot 4 is a magazine advertisement for McDonald’s. This is a very simple ad with a very simple message, which is why it appeals to me so much. There is a solid (McDonald’s) red background with 4 curled up French fries varying in size from top/large to bottom/small. The fries are meant to be in the shape of the logo for WI-FI. At the bottom right hand corner of the ad there is the McDonald’s golden arch logo with the words “love free wi-fi” underneath. “Love” is in yellow, to suggest it’s separate from the “free wi-fi” phrase. This is effective because McDonald’s is in yellow as well, so it suggests that the viewer loves McDonald’s…not just the free wi-fi. The ad uses a fun play on images to help sell the message of free wi-fi.

The objective of this campaign is to get people to come into McDonald’s to use their free wi-fi. If someone comes in to use the free wi-fi, they are more likely to make a purchase while they are in the restaurant using their computers. The objectives are measurable through increased sales, post advertisement. The target market for this advertisement are for those who need to use free wi-fi, such as: business professionals, students, and people who cannot easily access internet from their homes. The ad wants people, simply, to come in and use the free wi-fi…it implies nothing more. The viewer will benefit from the free wi-fi because they will be able to work, study, or play from a location they wouldn’t have had access from otherwise. It is an increasingly wireless world that we are living in, and McDonald’s is capitalizing on that trend. While customers are using the free wi-fi, they are more likely to make a coffee, snack, or meal purchase while they are in the restaurant…increasing McDonald’s sales.


#3) At spot 3, we have a Starbucks magazine advertisement. The ad is an image of a human eye with the eyelid taped to the forehead in order for it to stay open and not close. There is a sentence, just below the eye, that reads, “Staying awake will never be this painful anymore.” Below that, there is another sentence with the Starbucks logo at the end of it. That sentence reads, “It’s not just coffee. It’s Starbucks.” I think that sentence is very clever because it’s taking the idea of coffee and turning it into one brand. My mother won’t say, “let’s go for coffee”…she says, “let’s go get a Starbuck.” (Yes…she says it without the “s” on the end of Starbucks) But the example of my mother just goes to show how when we think of coffee now, I’d argue that the majority of us think about Starbucks. The same can be said with google…we don’t “search” for things on the internet anymore, we “google” them.

The objective of this campaign is to get people to buy Starbucks coffee. This is definitely an attempt to reach out to a specific market and take all the coffee business away from other places. These objectives can be measured by increased late night sales. The target market for this advertisement are people who are tired because they are either up really late, or they were awake all night and can’t keep their eyes open anymore. Starbucks is suggesting that these people could just drink a Starbucks coffee and their issue of being sleepy will disappear. The ad wants sleepy, or tired, people to buy Starbucks coffee to help them stay awake when they need to be awake. The viewer will benefit from buying Starbucks coffee because they can get their caffeine fix in so many different sizes and flavors. The reasons someone would respond to this ad is because they know they are the type of person who stays up late to study or work…and they need a caffeine fix, that also tastes good, to help them through their shift or their class.


  1. Alex,
    I agree with all your analyses. Great choices by the way. Each had its unique appeal. Citizen’s Eco-Drive targeted sports fans by placing a popular player right at the top of the ad.

    McDonald’s stayed true to a lot of their print ads. Keep it simple and highlight one of their best assets, fries. In addition, educate the customer about their additional service of offering Wifi for free. Genius.

    Starbucks used a common saying to advertise their message. “So tired, I need to tape my eyes open.” The picture of the woman is very eye catching. If nothing else a viewer will definitely give it a second glass to see what it is talking about.


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