FIVE GREAT NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENTS (in no particular order) – Part 1

I searched Google for all kinds of newspaper advertisements to share with everyone. I thought about the types of businesses that would promote their product in a newspaper and realized this avenue is more for local advertising from businesses…and from members of the general public. The fact that members from the general public can advertise in local newspapers makes it unique. This tells me that local newspaper advertising is relatively cheap, since people can post items or services for sale in their local newspapers. Here are a few that I found, listed in no particular order:


#5) The first advertisement is for Coca-Cola. There is a drawing of a scout leader feeding a Coke to a scout that has passed out from heat exhaustion. You understand this because of the Sun drawn in the top right hand corner and the expressions drawn on the passed out Boy Scout. The Sun is staring at the bottle of Coke, as well, and licking its lips as though it is thirsty for a Coke as well (due to being hot). The words on the top of the ad say, “THIRST-AID FOR GOOD SCOUTS”, and at the bottom they read, “and Coca-Cola was there.” This advertisement was mean to make people thirsty for Coca-Cola when they become hot. As we all know, it is VERY refreshing to have an ice cold beverage on a really hot day.

The objective of this campaign was to get people to buy Coca-Cola, and to make people think about drinking a cold Coca-Cola when they get hot. The objective is attainable because a bottle of Coca-Cola is a low cost item and people want cold drinks on hot days. This advertisement makes me want a Coca-Cola right now! The target market is for young boys and adults that supervise young boys. Since this advertisement specifically shows a Boy Scout, this has to be the market Coca-Cola was trying to reach.

The advertisement wants you to buy Coca-Cola to drink when you get hot. This is an older advertisement, so I would assume that people spent more time outside (in the heat) than they do today. If the viewer of this advertisement buys the Coca-Cola, the benefit of buying it is that they get a tasty beverage and they can cool themselves down on a hot day. The main reasons anyone would buy a Coca-Cola is because they enjoy the taste of the soft drink. In addition to taste, the advertisement would drive people to buy a Coca-Cola so that they don’t overheat and pass out.


#4) The advertisement at #4 is for a 2015 Nissan Versa S. The advertisement has a picture of a gray Nissan Versa facing to the right. The background is all blank in order to make it easier to read all of the writing in the ad. The wording includes items such as: the title of the vehicle, letting the viewer know this deal is on a purchase (and not a lease), the registration is free, there is a holiday rebate of $500, and then the MSRP is crossed out with the new discounted price highlighted in red…and in a larger font. At the very bottom is the fine print, letting the customer know that there are only a few vehicles in stock that apply for this offer…and all the discounts the dealership will have to apply to get to the advertised discount pricing. This advertisement uses urgency to get people to react to it. They mention only a few left in stock and the viewer better act fast before they are all bought for the discounted price.

The objective of the campaign was to get rid of a few 2015 Nissan Versa S sedans, most likely, to make room for new inventory on the lot. The objective of this ad is definitely attainable as anyone on a budget would jump at the opportunity to have a brand new vehicle for less than $10,000. The target market for this advertisement is anyone looking for a great deal on a car, people shopping specifically for Nissans, and people shopping for a new vehicle on a budget. I give it three target markets because it reaches out to each of the aforementioned markets: Nissan buyers will want a good deal on a Nissan, people on a budget are shopping for price, and people looking for a good deal on a car may not care what kind of car they drive…as long as it makes sense to buy it.

The ad definitely wants people to buy a 2015 Nissan Versa S. The advertisement is practically begging people to stop by the dealership and drive that car off the lot….today! If the viewer actually does go buy the car, not only do they get a brand new (and reliable) car…they get to hold on to their money because this car is CHEAP! There are two main reasons a viewer would react to this advertisement: brand and price. If someone loves Nissan cars and is on the market for a new Nissan…this is their opportunity to go get a new Nissan. If someone is looking for a cheap car because they are on a budget, or they can’t afford a new car (but want something reliable)…this is their chance to get exactly what they need.


  1. I like the ole vintage Coca-cola ad with the Scout leader coming to the rescue with “Thirst-aid.” Made me feel like I need to go and stock up on Coke just in case for emergency purposes. I find this ad a little humorous because the Church that I attend always has Coke and Diet Coke in the refrigerator.

    No matter where you get newspapers, you can almost always guarantee that there will be car advertisements in it for that area. I liked that you pointed out that there are three target markets: Brand, Cheap, and makes sense good price for a reliable car. Reading the small print, I feel like this is still just a hook to get you there and then if you do not meet any or all of the criteria you may still be paying over $10,000 or $12,000 for this car.


  2. Hello Alex,
    I really enjoyed the coca cola ad it is indeed a classic. It appears everyone in the picture needs their thirst quenched .
    Look at the sun in the corner he even wants some to drink. Great Post!


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