FIVE GREAT NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENTS (in no particular order) – Part 2


#3) In at #3, we have a newspaper ad for a North Lafayette, California dentist. This is a practice advertisement that, I’m assuming, was published because it’s so good! There is a picture of a family at the top with a small description of what Dr. Carpenter’s mission statement is about: gentle dentistry. The big draw is the $10 offer for a dental exam and consult. People pay big money for consults, so to offer people the same consults for $10 can bring in and attract new patients. The ad, at the bottom, has a picture of the dentist with her address and (fake) telephone number. There is an expiration on the offer on May 31st of whatever year this was published. The expiration date is published very small, though, leading me to believe this isn’t a special at all…but the regular rate she charges (which is great!).

The ad was meant to give the viewer a sense of comfort yet, at the same time, a sense of urgency. The offer expires on May 31st, but you don’t feel scared to schedule an appointment with a “gentle” dentist. The objective of this advertisement is to bring in new customers. The ad even talks about how customers drive for miles to get to her office…so why couldn’t others? The objectives would have been measurable due to the increased number of patients this dentist would have taken on.

The target market is for people who are afraid of going to see the dentist. One line in the ad reads, “Although her practice is mainly devoted to the dental problems adults have, mothers bring their children here because Dr. Carpenter is so gentle with them.” This tells the viewer that whether they are an adult, teenager, of child…they have nothing to fear from this dentist. The viewer, if affected by the ad, would want to schedule a consult before May 31st. The viewer would benefit from this appointment because they will be getting the dental treatment they’ve always wanted. The viewer would want to go see Dr. Carpenter if they’ve been seeing a dentist who is not very friendly…or may even be a bit rough when working on their teeth. This is a sensitive area for most everyone so, naturally, they’d want someone to be more caring to their mouth during a dental visit.


#2) One of the great things about newspaper advertising is that it’s affordable to members of the general public; not just businesses. The next advertisement is a picture of a cat and a man with descriptions underneath. The advertisement is trying to use humor to get rid of a cat. The woman that placed the advertisement is advertising a cat that is friendly and playful, or a husband that doesn’t like cats. She even says he said, “Says he goes or cat goes”, so she posted both of them up for grabs! At the bottom, she has her number (without an area code…I’m assuming because it’s a small town) and asks people to stop by and see which one they’d like to take home with them. This advertisement uses humor to make giving away her cat an easier thing to do.

The objective of this campaign is to find a new home for a 6 month old kitten. This campaign can be measured by whether or not the cat finds a new home. The target market for this advertisement is for women who like cats. Since she is trying to give away a cat or a husband, that would imply she is trying to reach out to other women…especially since the joke is geared towards women who have husbands and understand what she’s dealing with. The ad wants the viewer to give her a call and tell her that they will give the cat a loving home. The viewer benefits from the expected action because then her and her husband will have more peace at home…since there won’t be a cat there anymore. If someone takes her husband, she will get a similar result! Ha ha. The specific reason someone would call Jennifer and take her cat is because they love cats and want this particular cat to have a loving home. If only one person likes the cat, and the other one doesn’t, there is risk for mistreatment. Someone sympathetic to animals would want this cat to have a home where everyone likes it.


#1) Last, but not least, is the 99 cents Only Stores advertisement. The ad is in color with “99” plastered everywhere! There is a big store logo in the center and some humorous wording, and placement of the number “99” throughout. There is a logo that states, “YOUR FAVORITE STORE…YOU JUST DON’T KNOW IT YET!” Off to the side, there are humorous statistics involving the number 99 such as David Loosli finishing 99th in the Tour De France and for Lance Armstrong winning that race every year since ’99. The ad uses humor to emphasize the number “99” and really get your brain processing 99 to make you want to, at least, stop by the store and see what it’s all about.

The objective of this ad campaign is to bring customers into the store. The objectives would be measurable based on how many new customers they can bring into their stores daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The target market of this advertisement is for folks who may not have a lot of money to spend. If they were to stop by this store and see what they have to offer, they could potentially save a lot of money on things they would normally spend much more money on. The ad wants the viewer to stop by the store and buy something. It’s all cheap, right? The viewer will benefit from buying something there because it is, most likely, cheaper than anywhere else that sells the same items. The reason people would respond to this ad, the way the store would want them to respond, is because it is cheap. If you can pick up a spatula for 99 cents at this store, but at another major retailer a spatula costs $2.99, the customer would be saving $2.00 just for shopping at the 99 cents Only Stores.

One Comment

  1. I enjoyed reading the funny ads you selected.
    For the dentist ad, I believed they put a lot of emphasis on “gentle” because the Doctors name is Carpenter. You are right that people have a hard time getting comfortable to go to a dentist and having a $10 consult fee makes it easier for people to afford to try out their services. Once someone finds a dentist, they usually do not move because it can be expensive and a hassle to have your medical records transferred.
    The cat and boyfriend give away ad was funny. I saw a reverse ad where a man was looking for a woman with a boat. haha. If you glance at this ad without reading it, you could take it for a missing ad or a mug shot.
    The 99 cents store was amusing with the number nine 9 being placed throughout the ad. I like that it was open for 8 am – 9 pm, 9 days a week.


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