sup dogs

#5) The number 5 spot goes to my man, the “Dancing Hot Dog”, or “Mr. Hot Dog Man.” The image I chose was of Mr. Hot Dog Man standing in front of a Franklin Street favorite, Sup Dogs. Mr. Hot Dog Man is a student, dressed in a hot dog costume, wears sunglasses, and dances on Franklin Street…right in front of Sup Dogs. The image I chose shows Mr. Hot Dog Man doing just that. It is a sunny day, and I’m assuming it’s warm because Mr. Hot Dog Man is not wearing a shirt with sleeves under the costume. I think Sup Dogs is trying to use intrigue and uniqueness to draw in customers. I chose an actual human as an outdoor advertisement because he is always dancing outside and people around Chapel Hill, especially students, love going to Sup Dogs to watch him dance.

The objective of this campaign is to get customers to notice Sup Dogs restaurant. When people notice the restaurant (because it is easy to blend in where they are located on Franklin Street), then the restaurant has the potential to sell more food to new customers. I doubt the results of the campaign are measurable since the goal is to get impressions, rather than sell food. The target market for this campaign are Chapel Hill locals or those who frequent Chapel Hill. The restaurant is a local business and does not sell on a national level, so they are only interested in reaching those who can walk out of their house, drive to Franklin Street, and order food at Sup Dogs. Mr. Hot Dog Man wants people to come to Sup Dogs and sit down to eat a delicious meal. If people decide to stop in and grab a bite to eat, because Mr. Hot Dog Man’s dancing convinced them to, they will benefit by having tasted some of the best hot dogs in the Carolinas (or in the country…in my opinion). The main reason someone would buy a meal at Sup Dogs is because they want to try something new, they are in the mood for hot dogs, or they have discovered a new restaurant where everything on the menu is delicious…and they just enjoy eating there.

starbucks cup

#4) Coming in at number 4 is a Starbucks inflatable coffee cup. The image shows a large white coffee cup with the Starbucks logo, much like the cup you get when you order a drink, tied down to the ground. The cup is placed on the corner, just in front of the café. I’ve always enjoyed the giant inflatable “things” because it’s fun to look at giant versions of the things you love. Just think about the balloons at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade that we all watch on TV while celebrating Thanksgiving with our families. Giant inflatable “things” bring out the emotions in people, for some reason. Plus, they stick out like a sore thumb when you see them…so you can’t help but to notice. I think this particular Starbucks was trying to play on peoples’ need for caffeine.

The objective of this campaign was definitely to draw in customers to sell more coffee. How could you not crave a White Chocolate Mocha, or a Caramel Apple Spice, once you’ve seen a giant cup that holds your favorite Starbucks beverage? The café could measure the success of the inflatable cup by comparing sales one week with the inflatable cup up, and one week with it down. If there are more sales when the inflatable cup is up, then people notice the cup and it makes them want a coffee. The target market of this advertisement are Starbucks customers. This advertisement just screams, “you already love, now come and show me some more love.” The ad wants the viewer to come buy some coffee, and if they do, they are rewarded with a satisfying beverage that makes them happy. People are drawn to react to this advertisement because they have a drink that they enjoy at Starbucks. Maybe they even have a favorite pastry or packaged snack….or possibly, they are looking for the new John Mayer CD and haven’t been able to find it at Best Buy. Whatever the reason, it’s because Starbucks has it.

mcdonalds urgency

#3) For number 3, I have chosen a McDonald’s advertisement of two posters that were posted on small billboards on the side of a building. McDonald’s put up two advertisements right next to each other. Each ad contains a solid red background with the golden arches, a distance measurement, and an arrow pointing the way to McDonald’s on it. The difference between the two is that the distance listed is different. One reads “200m” while the other lists “197m”. What is great about this advertisement is that it tells you how far to get to McDonald’s on one billboard, and the exact same thing on the next one. This example uses humor and urgency to get viewers to stop by McDonald’s. It’s funny because it reminds you of kids asking, “are we there yet?” while at the same time telling you to hurry up and get to McDonald’s and get something good to eat.

The objective of this ad campaign is to get customers to stop at the McDonald’s that is nearby and make a purchase. The results of this ad can be measured by whether or not sales increased, decreased, or remained the same during this particular ad campaign. The target market for this ad are hungry or thirsty people. The ad wants people who want a quick bite to eat, or a fast beverage, to stop in the store and pick up what they want or need. The ad wants the viewer to buy McDonald’s food and drinks. If the viewer acts on this urge, then their hunger or thirst can be satisfied with a cheap, quick fix. The main reason a person would want to stop at a McDonald’s is because they enjoy the food and drinks the restaurant sells.

naked waitresses

#2) The ad I have selected for the number 2 spot is an advertisement for O’Donovan’s Irish Pub. The banner is in a bold yellowish-gold color with burgundy lettering for a clear contrast. Only a few words have large font with a few more words having a very small font. The idea is for people to only read a few words from far away to get them to come closer, then read what the whole sign has to say…which is humorous. At the bottom is an arrow pointing down to the location of the pub. When viewed from afar, the sign appears to read, “NAKED WAITRESSES FLIRT WITH YOU”…with the arrow pointing down to the pub. Once you get closer to the banner, you can read the whole thing: “The NAKED truth about our WAITRESSES is that they only FLIRT WITH YOU to get a better tip.” The ad uses sexuality and humor to reach out to its target audience.

The target audience in this advertisement is men, and more specifically, men who want to drink alcoholic beverages and like beautiful women. The objective of this ad campaign is to fill their bar with paying customers. The results can be measured by way of comparing current sales to those before the banner was hung on the building. The ad wants viewers to stop by the pub and order a drink. If the viewer does, they can expect that the waitresses will be fun because of the funny advertisement…which can correlate to good service. The reasons someone would respond is if they had plans to visit the pub that night, or were looking for a cool place to visit for the first time.


#1) In at the top spot is an advertisement from Denver Water. The image shows a (mostly) blank billboard with a small orange square on the right hand side. The square has white lettering in it to make the words stand out. I’m assuming the orange background was used to make the square noticeable against the backdrop. The words on the square read, “USE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED.” This ad uses humor to reach its audience and get its point across.

The objective of this campaign was to spread a message: don’t waste water. The company wants you to make sure you don’t run water unnecessarily and to just have a general awareness of when you need to consume water. These objectives are measurable by calculating the amount of water the city used before the campaign started and after the campaign started. The target market was everyone who uses water in the city of Denver, Colorado. The action the ad wants the viewer to take is to not waste water. The ad wants people to consume less water by paying attention to how much water they are using and to stop wasting it. The viewer benefits from responding to this ad by not having to go through a city water shortage. When there is a water shortage, the city may have to shut all water off until they can replenish the stock. This means no toilets, no showers, no cooking…it’s not fun. The main reason someone would want to respond to this advertisement is because they are conscious of the water they use and want to help prevent a shortage.


  1. Alex,

    Great post- I enjoyed the way you introduced each advertisement. I could wait to get to the next. I think it was an awesome idea to use an actual human as an outdoor advertisement. I think this type of advertisement targets people quicker because as you mention, they interact with the public; they are seen, they move – lol I also enjoyed the Starbucks, I didn’t get my cup this morning and this ad motivated me to get it this afternoon, so thanks Alex. lol


  2. Alex,
    I completely agree with Cole’s response. Great job on ad selection and analyses. The O’Donnovan Irish Pub was extremely clever, in truth, many people don’t read all the way through so they might see NAKED and head that way based off that. I am curious to see what kind of crowd the Pub received during the course of this ad. If nothing else it most assuredly an attention grabber.

    I also thought the Denver Water Conservation ad was clever as well. They demonstrated only using what you need not only words but also on a visual aid.


  3. Hello,
    The ad selection was great and innovative! I do believe that as “tacky” as the large blow ups can seem they catch people’s attention quickly. I do prefer to see the inflatable actually pertain to the company as opposed to the dancing generic blow ups. I also agree that people can be very persuasive and noticeable advertisement. I would prefer to see those who are advertising to actually be on sidewalks talking to people, for them to have personality, and even be a little funny. The individuals who just hold signs or sit in chairs and hold signs (I see a lot of this on busy streets) is ineffective because it is boring. Just my thoughts. Great job!


  4. Hey Alex really thought the McDonald’s ad was a reminder. Whenever I travel I always look for the place that will not take me the furthest off the road. I always end up 5 miles from the HWY. irritates me like crazy great ad.


  5. Alex, Great ads. I would say my favorite was the Denver Water ad which I thought was very effective. The Irish Pub ad I am sure attracted more customers because of their ad. You definetely focus on just a few bold words. I liked the Dancing Hot . That is a good somewhat cheap way to advertise and catch peoples attention.


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